Our Services

Vektor Software provides wide range of software development services, from design and development, to deployment and maintenance. Our focus is on Java technology, as a platform for both wen and desktop applications.

Software Development and Outsourcing

he most important thing in our software process is to meet requirements and deadlines, with high quality product. We emphasize constant communication with our clients, in order to deliver the code that best fits their requirements, and to resolve any issues that may arise during development.

We use established best practises in development process. These practises are modified for each client to best fit their needs, but still maintaining high quality of the end product.


Consulting Services

We also help our clients with problems they might have with their own products. Our consulting services include help with requirements definition, software design and debugging possible errors and performance bottlenecks.

For clients using Vektor Software products, we offer full range of consulting and support services.