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DEMUX Framework


  DEMUX Framework is Java tool for developing modular applications that can run on desktop, web and mobile and embedded devices. Applications built on top of DEMUX Framework have modular architecture based on OSGI. This architecture allows simple code reuse betweena applications and reduces development effort.

Developers can use single code base to develope applications for multiple platforms, including web and mobile. Desktop applications are built on top of JavaFX, providing rich GUI functionality and support for multiple desktop platforms. Android is supported out of the box, while support for iOS and Windows Phone is under development.

DEMUX Framework is open source project published under Apache License 2.0.  More information about the project can be found on project's official web site. This site contains source code, documentation and support tools for the project.

Community support for the project is available through forum, mailing list and wiki. Commercial support is also available from Vektor Software. For more information about support, please email us at office@vektorsoft.com, or use our contact form.


Acapulco Framework

acp128x128.pngIn many ways, Acapulco Framework is predecessor to DEMUX Framework. It is an MVC framework for building Swing applications based on OSGI specification.  Project is published under GPL license.

Currently, development of Acapulco Frameowkr is discontinued, and development efforts are swtiched to DEMUX Framework. Source code is still available on SourceForge project page.